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Helping weirdo boss babes authentically get in front

of their ideal clients to make bank with ease


Who is Lola the Weirdo Coach?

My coaching process is all about celebrating the individuality. The core programs and contents are created around this concept. The one that everyone is different and that should be showcased in your branding. Why bother with a mainstream identity when you have your own shining personality that is just waiting to be used!

My coaching is just that. I created this business to help entrepreneurs to find their uniqueness and to fully embrace their inner weirdo in their online presence.

You'll find on this website different resources concerning branding, visibility, online businesses and entrepreneurial journeys.

What is on this website?

To see a little bit more what I've worked on, you can head to the "Work" tab or follow me on Instagram for all the latest news (in any case you should definitely follow me on IG to get a privileged insight on my day to day life and projects!).

Finally, the "Apparel" tab takes you directly to my online store which contains, you have guessed it, clothing and accessories. Because yes, all of this started as an online boutique before it transformed into this creative agency!

I'm on this journey to help as many entrepreneurs as I can so I've created this space where you can get collect all of my knowledge. Under the "Resources" tab, you'll find courses and products that I've created to help you out with your company (some of which are free!). Also, under "Blog" you'll find all the fresh posts that I create just for you. If you're more of a video-type of person, check out my Facebook group!


I hope you find what you are looking for otherwise, you can send me a little email or message or carrier pigeon to let me know how I can help you.

Being weird is hella cool

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The different elements

Lola on the beach

Getting to know you

Because branding is all about identity and getting to know you is the first step in understanding who you truly are. This goes for me getting to know you and you getting to know your business’ identity.

Social Media Analysis

Online presence

Because branding goes far more than just your profile picture, your banner, your logo and your colours palette. Knowing how to infuse your business’ identity into your online presence is a key factor in letting your ideal clients know who you truly are.

Lola Design Studio's Logo

Visual identity

Because people judge with their eyes and we need to make sure that it’s love at first sight. Having a visual identity that’s on point, is being able to translate your brand’s identity with every visual aspects that you put out there. It’s way more than just slapping a logo on an image and call it a day.


Born in Montreal but with itchy feet, I’m always on the move looking for new adventures and connections.

My dream was to make a living from my laptop so I could travel the world whenever I want to explore and broaden my horizons every day.

I’ve made it my mission to help as many entrepreneurs as I can to reach their dream life too. To do that, I’m constantly creating and evolving to give the best services and content to my clients and followers. This website is where you’ll find all that you need to resonate with your ideal clients by having a branding that perfectly represents you and that you know how to use the full potential of.


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