First of all, hi! I'm Lola and yes that me in the picture. I'm the person behind Lola Design Studio. This creative agency started out as an online store (that you can still access through the "Apparel" tab in late 2017. I always had a thing for t-shirts and fun designs and after finishing my degree in Product Design I thought I'd give it a try!

Turns out it's plenty fun to design the shirt and create all those awesome ideas that people were asking me to do, but to make a living of it wasn't going to happen anytime soon. That's when I got more and more into graphic design.

Fast forward to now, I still have some cool t-shirt to sell but my main goal is to help other entrepreneurs to get in touch with their weird side (stay with me for this I'll explain more where the weird part comes from) to create unique branding that fits their amazing personality and that allows them to stand out from the competition.

Okay, now onto the weirdo thing. Why weird? Because we all have something that makes us different or unique and most of the time, it is put aside to focus on anything that's more mainstream and that's a shame. Because really embracing those differences is what makes us humans and fun! So why try to get a branding that trendy when it doesn't fit with you and your personality?

Nowadays, a lot of entrepreneurs don't know where to turn when it comes the time to create "an image". I put "an image" in quotation because branding is so much more than that! It's everything that defines your brand, your identity, who you are, what you stand for, your values and much more. So saying that branding is just an image is like saying that talking is just lips, give me a call when you'll be able to have a conversation without teeth, a tongue or vocal cords (unless you're able to read lips, you know...)

So that's why Lola Design Studio became the center of my life, literally. I became obsessed with this mission of helping as many entrepreneurs as I could not only by creating branding that would fit them and make them stand apart but also by teaching those designers: What goes branding? Why is branding so important? And, how to use your branding to its full potential. Because it's cool to have a new logo and colour palette that are all new and shiny but it's even cooler to actually know how to use your branding.

So here it is. Who is Lola, what is Lola Design Studio? If you have more questions, don't hesitate to get in touch! We could grab a virtual coffee (or tea) if we're not in the same city. I'd love to hear more about you. And if you are a designer and you're still figuring out this design and branding thing don't be shy, come say hi! And if you're too shy and just want to slightly stalk what I'm doing, well here's a link to my private Facebook group where I teach all (ish) things branding!

Until then, stay weird,

Lola xx