Shit hit the fan when…

After jumping through all of the hoops in 2017 to get that “dream corporate job”, getting to the top 3 contenders and i saw the 2 marketing dudes get hired for a design consulting job. I took this as a sign and decided to start my own business.

After 6 months of “I can do it myself” I finally gave up a hired a business coach and never looked back.

This little graphic design biz quickly evolved to what is known today as Lola The Weirdo Coach. I still love making silly graphics and creating amazing branding from time to time but where I shine the brightest is when I (virtually) sit down with a client to find their voice. When I coach them in becoming their best damn self, in creating their dream business, in attracting ideal clients that ACTUALLY want to pay you good money for your services (you know what I mean), in crafting their dream life quicker than they thought possible. That’s my pride and joy. Seeing an entrepreneur who’s scared and lost in this online world and turning them into full fledge weirdos aka successful and confident AF CEOs who loves themselves for who they are.

So hey, I’m Lola! I’m just your average anxious ADHD crazy cat mom design bachelor millennial who’s addicted to traveling. Basically I’m the best hype-woman money can buy. I’m that friend who’s always there to cheer you on while creating a master plan for you to take over the world. I’ve spent the last 2 years learning all I can about online business, hiring the best coaches, taking courses, attending live events and mixing it all with my design bachelor to find out how I can as many women as possible to create their dream business without making it feel like a chore where they have to mimic their way to the top. Nah girl, you get to be yourself because you are a magical fucking creature and people deserve and want to know you just as you are.

Lola the Weirdo Coach in Greece.jpg

Nowadays, I lead diverse online projects to help women to grow profitable business that resemble them and travel the world. Why do you think I’ve created a job that I get to do from my computer?

If you want to get into my weirdo fam and even work with me, make sure to follow me on social media so you know the next time I’m launching some super cool programs or when the few times during the year that I open private coaching spots!

Stay weird babe, no need to become somebody else to have a thriving business, I’m writing this in my pjs and just before I was bare faced swearing on my IG story about my latest podcast episode.

I’m sending you all of the good vibes and can’t wait to meet you on the internet!

Lola, the weirdo coach xx