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How can you get your ultimate branding?




As a designer and a business owner, I know the struggle of finding THE perfect branding for you, your brand and your dream customers. It's hard to find out where to start and once you're there, it's even harder to create something that you're sure will resonate with your audience. I want to help you with that.

With a Bachelor in product design with a specification for user experience, I'm the perfect person to work with if you want to create something for a special audience and want to be sure they get the best experience out of it. Yes, having a stunning logo and beautiful colours help to make your brand stand out, but there’s more to it. You need to ensure that everything that comes out from your company is in line with your specific customers' needs and expectations AND your brand's identity. That's why having someone with expertise in user experience is so important.

But why me? 

First of all, hi! I'm Lola if we didn't have the chance to meet in our "About us" section. Secondly, let's get back to the "why me". Because it's not just about "why me" but more about "maybe us". I'm not here to just throw logos and design ideas at you. If that's what you're looking for, I'm probably not the right gal for you. Sorry. BUT if you're here because you are looking for that special someone with the creative means to help you and work WITH YOU to make your brand grow, I'm all in baby. See, I prefer to work for you but with a good understanding of your business. I want to be there for you and support you in your projects. I want to hear your hopes and goals for your company and be there for you and do everything I can for you so you reach those goals. I want to be able to answer your email because you don't know which photo to put on Instagram. I want to be able to Skype with you (if you're comfortable with that) and be able to create a connection with you. I want you to be able to take your brand to the next level by working together, as a team, not just as a client-designer.

Great! What can I offer?

Like I previously mentioned, I want to tailor a package just for you and your brand. So there's not a pre-made package with a pre-made price for everyone. During our first meeting, we're going to be able to discuss your needs and elaborate your personalized package. So briefly here's a list of some of the things that are available for you.

The Right Branding For You

We start every new project with a research. It's extremely important to establish a good fondation before building your identity and it's only with a in-depth research that you get that. I take the time to completely understand you, your brand and your audience before starting the process. By doing so, we ensure that every outcome of the project is going to reflect and respect the same visual identity. We start by establishing your brand identity so then what we create afterwards gives out your perfect identity for your clients.

Yes, Let’s Get You Your Perfect Logo

If you already have a logo but would like to update it, we can do that. If you want to start from scratch and get a brand new one, let do that! And you won’t just get 1 logo, you’ll get a variety of simplified of adjusted logo set for all your needs. 

Put All of That in a Handy Guide

It’s great to have your amazing logos and your awesome brand all nice and ready to use, but it’s even better when everything is then put in a nifty little guide with all the colours, font and much more. That guide is there to help you stay on track and consistent with your branding through all your publications. 

A Side of Collaterals With That?

Having you logos is one thing, having all the other little collaterals ready is another. I’m going to create your own icons and patterns for your brand. All of these are going to be needed when the collaterals are created. These can be stationery items, business cards, thank you notes, stickers, packaging, invoice templates, blog post templates, Instagram graphics, newsletter design, Facebook banners, Powerpoint presentations and much more.

What About Promoting?

Do you need promotional items? No worries! What do you need? Posters? Flyers? Brochures? Pop-ups? Landing pages? I’ve got you covered. We’ll go over your initial needs at first but we can always add up during the process. We’ll always adjust according to your needs of the moment.

Have You Seen My New Instagram Post?

I’ve talked about helping you decide what to put up on your Instagram or your Facebook, well this is an important step to make sure you stay consistent with your brand through and through. I will be able to guide you through the process.

But What If I Have More Questions?

Once we start to work together I’ll be able to answer questions regarding the work that I’m doing for you. It’s nice to have another entrepreneur to be there to answer ALL of our “creative” questions. That’s why I think this feature is the most important while working with me. Consulting. I can and want to be there for you! We’ll be able to schedule calls (Skype or phone) every week to discuss what you’re doing, your needs, how to implement the products that I’m sending over and much more. This is the key. Having the possibility to create a relationship and to work better as a team because we get to know each other. So, what do you say, teammate? 

I'm interested. What now?

If you feel that working in that way is for you, let's talk! We'll schedule a 45 minutes call (can be by phone or Skype) to see if this team could potentially work. In that call, we'll have the chance to talk more about you, your goals and get in the specifics of your needs. You'll be able to ask me all the questions you have. So hit me up at here to schedule your free consultation call.