How to Find Who Your Ideal Clients Are? - part 1


Finding your ideal clients, isn’t that the problem of all entrepreneurs, or at least one of the worries that we all struggled with at some point? Making sure that we create our products for a specific type of person and then once that amazing thing is created to actually show it to those people. The real deal is that a lot of entrepreneurs (and I did this at first too) are so eager to get out there, serve and get their first client that they just create stuff left and right thinking "somebody probably needs this, lemme create that real quick". The problem with that method is that you are loosing so much time, energy and MONEY doing it when you could cut to the chase and create specific products for specific people that you know where they hang out and show it to them there. Doesn't sound like hella less stressful? Well, my friend (yes, I'm forcing my friendship onto you) I need to introduce to this cool little thing that I learn about while doing my bachelor in product design. Are you ready? It's gonna blow your mind!


Is your mind blown? No? Well, let me explain for a sec what that is. Persona is the personification of your ideal audience. Aka it is a representation of your perfect tribe all wrapped up into one person. How? Why? What? Yes, I know, so many questions, let's me get into it.

So what is a persona, really. The best metaphor that I can give you is like if you were to study your ideal clients, make in-depth notes about them and then took those to create a Sims that would represent that group of people. Everything from physical appearance to personality traits. It's all in there baby! Maybe this will ring a bell. If you ever worked with a marketing coach or a biz coach and you heard them talk about "avatar" same-same but different. See, in marketing, they also use a similar technique that is called an avatar. It's quite similar to the persona method but with a couple of twists.

I, myself, was introduced to avatars by my first coach. She was, well is, she is still doing this, a business coach with a marketing background. When we first started to work together she sent me an assignment to work on my own avatar. As soon as I started to fill in the blanks I thought "wait a minute, this looks a lot like personas and I know how to do personas!" I talked about it with her and turned out that they look a lot alike. The main difference that I saw was that avatars were more on the demographic side of things and didn't get as personal, shall I say, as personas.

The thing that's pretty dope with personas is that they allow you to have a vision of your ideal clients that is a bit more personal like I was saying. Meaning that instead of seeing them as a mass of people, you can focus your attention on ONE persona and get real cozy with it so that when you create your content and address your people they feel like you are actually talking to them.

Because this is so important. Making your audience feel like you are crafting this little nugget of content just for them as if that morning you woke up with them in mind and was like "what can I create TODAY to help Becky?" and then did the thing and then shipped it to Becky. Now Becky is seeing this and is like "Daaaaaamn, how did she know that I needed this?". That's the magic about knowing your audience and so forth, building personas.

Now you might wonder, that sounds pretty cool Lola, but how do I actually create my own persona? Worry no more my child (too much?) because I've put together a FREE (hell yeah free) training on personas! In there you'll learn all about what are personas, why you need to be making personas, when you should be creating them and how to actually build one.

And yeah, all that shit for free. Mama Lola (I know, I know, but I'm going down that road and not even looking back) needed to teach as many people as possible about personas! I'm obsessed with serving and helping as many people as possible, so if I can teach people how to create content that's even more helpful to a bunch of people, I feel that my mission is accomplished! So that's why I've put together this 3-day training that you can get right in your inbox. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy, no need to register to a webinar that lasts an entire hour in which you get 10 maybe 15 minutes of content, nah babe. These are about 30 minutes of pure content (except the first one that I take a couple of minutes to say hi and to introduce myself).

So now is your chance to how on the persona train fo' free!

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