Create Content That People Actually Need!


It’s simple. Tell me if I’m right:

  • You want to help every person out there with your gifts aka your area of genius

  • You create amazing products to help them

  • You put them out there thinking that they are going to go crazy about it

  • You post on Facebook groups

  • You post on Instagram about it

  • You just want anyone to buy it at this point

  • You are still hearing crickets

I know you have amazing content and products, the problem is you are showing it to people that don’t give a shit about it.

I’m going to play the tough love card here because that’s what works for me and I feel we don’t have enough of that online. We have mean and we have fluffy but rarely though love so lemme bring it back for a sec.

So let’s me get real. You are amazing at what you do, truly. You are gifted in your area of genius and you need to allow the world to know you and your stuff, just not all the world needs it and/or want it.

This is the one thing that people keep forgetting when they create content or a product. You start up your journey with a certain problem to fix in mind for a certain type of person but forget to re-evaluate down the road. Things change babe. Every time that you’ve rearranged your project, every time that you’ve taken a different approach, every time that you’ve decided to switch it up, your project has changed ever so slightly with every modification and is now inches (or miles) from the original plan. AND THAT’S OKAY! Adjustments are part of the process. But now you need to re-evaluate your variable.

So now, take the time to riddle me this:

  • What problem are you fixing?

  • Who needs that problem fixed?

  • Why should they work with you?

And be honest! You can lie to me all you want, but you’ll be the one creating content for the wrong peeps and wondering at night why your posts don’t get traction!

So, how to make sure that when you are creating content, it evolves with your project?

Create a persona, or revisit the one that you’ve initially create, if you’ve already created one for that project.

You don’t know what a persona is? Well my friend, today is your lucky day because I’ve been using this golden designer tool for years now and can tell you all about it.

What it is is basically a fake person that you create that resembles the majority of people that come in contact with your product. Aka it’s like creating a Sim that would emulate your ideal client and see how it reacts to your product.

What it does? It allows you to predict how your soulmate audience is going to behave during the different stage of its relation with your product. Crazy right? They also use this tool in marketing but tend to call it avatar.

The big difference between the marketing and the design approach is that marketing is going to use more demographic stats and design is going to use a more user experience centered vision. What it means is that designer are going to want to know categorize with feelings and human reactions as of marketing are going to try to find the common ground that connects their potential clients with demographic stats. Same but different.

It can be quite challenging to create a bomb persona that is going to be as complexe (ish, let’s be honest we are talking about humans here) as the actual ideal client. So many variables to take into consideration. You can easily get lost.

I’ve been doing it for so long that I forgot that not everyone knows about them. So I decided to fix that by creating a mini-course that is going to be affordable AF so that everybody can learn about them!

So now you can become a persona expert too with the “DIY Persona - The Course”. I put it all in there. What is a persona? When should you make one? How to prepare and gather all the information that you need? How to create your persona? And finally, how to use it to it’s full potential? I’m so freaking excited about this! And because recording detailed videos wasn’t enough, I’ve also create a workbook to help you out when creating your personas AND (I can’t believe I have to ad up to that) I’ve create a cheat sheet to make it easier for you to create content that’s made for your persona!

And you know what, after doing it and doing the math of what that would normally cost, it added up to 268$ for the package. But that’s not the number I had in mind. Nope. I wanted to sell this course for less than 100$!

That’s why for now, this course will be sold for 97$ only. Yup, 97$. So for less than any trip I’ve ever done to David’s Tea (yes I’m a tea-aholic) you can be a persona expert and learn how to check your variables are create content that is going to resonate with your audience!

Enough with the shameless plug, but for real, I’m super excited to be able to create courses for hella cheap to teach you guys all I’ve learned in my 3 years of uni during my bachelor in product design.

Back to business. This is my PSA of the week, check your variables again. Take a moment to gob back to your current project and ask yourself :

  • What problem am I fixing?

  • Who needs this fix?

  • Why do they need me?

And once that’s done, take your product and put it next to your answers to see if it really fixes that problem for those people and if they need you. And when you are sure, go back to creating content for that product that talks to those people, who have that problem, that needs fixing by you!

You are amazing and the right people need to see your awesome stuff.

Stay weird and check your variables,

Lola xx

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