5 Steps to Book Your Ideal Designer


Or any other specialist

Because let’s be honest, there might be a million designers out there but how many are actually the right fit for you?

So yes, I’m a designer. But I’m also allergic to bullshit so I’ll give it to you straight and this is not a sales pitch. I have a strong belief that it’s not because you are in need of a designer and that I’m a designer that we should work together. Nope. My way of doing things is to establish if we have compatibility. Can we work together? Because, in my mind, working with a designer is something that is somewhat intimate. Not like, rwar intimate, but more like “let me share my hopes and dreams and likes in dislikes in many things” all of that while feeling comfortable with your new creative bff. Make sure to grab your FREE copy of the checklist that I’m describing in this post! It’s going to be easier to come back to it later! And don’t worry, I’m describing how to find a designer but you can replace this title with anything you are looking for!

So let’s begin, what makes a good fit?

Step 1: Establishing your needs and staying open-minded about it.

It’s super important to do your research before you go ahead and just hire anybody. What do you really need? What kind of services do you want? When you ask yourself those questions and start to answer them with the help of our collective bff, Google, you start to see a plan of action. And that’s super important! Why? Because you don’t want to be throwing yourself out there with zero ideas of what you’re actually after, right? I put a lot of value into serving people and making sure that we are a good fit but not everyone in the industry is like that and you don’t want to end up with someone who sells you stuff just to make money when you don’t really need it.

Step 2: Start asking around!

Talk to your friends or your online community about references. Maybe someone has worked with a person that he or she just loooooooooved! But again, make sure that you keep your needs in mind because they mind not be the same as your online co-workers and you don’t want to end up with a designer that doesn’t do what you need. For example, I do branding. Yes, I can create a website and “just a simple logo” but that’s not my specialty. I’m at my best when I get to work with out-of-the-ordinary, also known as a weirdo, entrepreneurs that need that perfect branding that’s infused with their banging personality to attract their perfect tribe and shine above the competition! Other designers specialize in websites and “just a simple logo” and they might be the right fit for you but again, it all depends on what you need right here, right now.

Step 3: Engage conversation or engage in some light stalking…

Once you’ve asked around and did your own research and did the mistake of asking on an entrepreneur group on Facebook if they knew any designer and got flooded with a thousands of messages of “PLEASE PICK ME I BEG YOU” start narrowing down which designer you have a good vibe for. Yes, let’s get some woowoo action up in this list and go with your guts a bit. Talk with some designers, they NORMALLY don't bite! Or if you’re not sure yet or too shy, stalk them lightly to see what they are up to, how they interact with their audience. If they have a Facebook group join it! (If you want to join mine just click here hehe.) Have a look around, shop a bit.

Step 4: Now you actually have to talk to designers.

Book a call with some designer (or one if you had an instant connection with one) and talk with them and listen! If you did steps 1-3 correctly, you should avoid the unwanted and go directly to the golden ones! And getting on calls with designers doesn’t mean to sell your soul to the devil, you can always say “no thank you” at the end of the conversation! But having a (virtual) face-to-face meeting really helps to narrow down whom you want to work with. Also, super important, you need to have an open mind about this. For example, A LOT of people think that they only need a logo and that’s it, branding’s taken care of…. and yet nothing is further from the truth but I’ll explain why in another post. But once you’ve established a connection with a designer and that you trust them, listen to what they have to say. After all, they’re the expert in the question. Do you really question an architect when s/he’s building your house? Or the doctor when s/he’s diagnosing you? Okay, design work is not life-threatening but can be life changing! Yes, you’ve heard that right, life changing, but again, that will be for another post.

Step 5: Finally just book it.

Yes, just book it! Why wait and again, not saying that because I’m a designer, I’m saying that from the entrepreneurial point of view. If you feel that you need a designer NOW to take your business to the next level, why wait? Do you think you’ll just pass on it and see what happens? Because if you have that feeling now, the chances are you need it now and you can’t really afford to wait another 2-3 months and push back the results some more, right? So just book it! If you find a designer that your truly trust and love the style and that the program fits with your needs and that you need it, book it! It will kickstart your online presence and you’ll be able to reach more clients faster than you can type “autodidact”.

So quick recap:

  1. Establish your needs.

  2. Start searching

  3. Start (s)talking

  4. Get on calls

  5. Book it

There you go! Get the right designer in 5 (easy) steps! And AGAIN the most important part is to find someone that answers to your needs, not the needs that some designer is trying to sell you on a Facebook group. Don’t be razzle-dazzled by all the mainstream design, unless that’s what you are going for, also. Because, like I was saying in step 2, you need to search according to you. If you want to be different, don’t get a designer that does this mainstream rose-gold and cursive thing! Get a weirdo like you (hi by the way)! But if you like what the mainstream looks like and what it stands for, there are hundreds of designers that can help you out with that, I’m not one of them.

I hope all of this is helpful and that I averted some design disasters with this late-night post. Have a wonderful time booking your next designer (or other specialist) and remember that a branding or any design related work should stay relevant for more than a couple of weeks/months! I wish you all a great designer hunt!

Stay true to yourself my beautiful human being!

Lola xx

P.S. Don’t forget to grab your FREE copy of the checklist!