What if I told you that you could look “branded” without hiring a designer?


You know who you are (kinda) but can’t put it out there.

In your mind, you know yourself but when it’s time to put it together in a concise way, seems like you have no clue who you actually are.

You see all these boss babes online looking soooo branded and you wish you could be half as “put together”.

You spend half your time on Instagram and Facebook semi-hating, semi-admiring all those branded photoshoot.

You’ve looked into hiring a designer but the bill made you think twice.

And now it’s only part of your “one day I’ll hire..” list?

And mostly, you don’t even know where to start.

I mean it’s already a handful to know who you are and thinking about logos, colour palettes and branding kit give you a headache.

Shit doesn't have to be hard.png
You can feel branded AF right meow

  • Feeling like a boss babe right meow and not waiting for the day I’ll be able to afford a designer.

  • Having a presence on social media that feels like you and not like an image of someone you wish you were.

  • Feeling confident that your audience is seeing you are an authority and not like you are doing this biz thing as a part time hobby.


Oh hello, babe! I'm Lola and I'm hella fucking weird and so proud of it!

I'm a scientist, turned designer, turned branding coach, turned weirdo coach.

Yup, this chica has a bachelor in design and I can tell you with confidence that branding and online marketing is all about your vibe.

When I first started my business, even with a bachelor in design I caught myself more than once thinking “Ugh! I wish my branding looked like hers!” or the classic “I like this and that, lemme put that in my branding real quick…. Okay that looks like nothing… Damn.” It wasn’t until I crafted a way out of this that I started to feel hella good about who I was and that The Weirdo Coach was born.

I’ve spent the last 2 years working on my online business and I’ve lived, seen and fixed so many problems when it comes to auto-branding that I’ve decided to focus my efforts too help you with your branding.

Lola the Weirdo Coach with a cat on the shoulders
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But for real...

Right meow, you don’t need to hire a designer to have a boss branding.

Branding is more about who you are and how you showcase it in your everyday presence. All you need is a way to find who you are, how you want to be seen by your peeps and learning HOW to achieve that.

Don’t worry, I got you boo! Here comes…

Brand Yo'self - Small banner.png

This is a 4-week program where you get to learn the exact techniques that I used to brand myself and attract my first 13K contract, and then proceed to keep them as a monthly retainer.

You’ll get my eyes on your business for a whole months, guiding you through the branding and marketing worlds because it gets to be organic and fun to put your beautiful self out there.

You get a professional designer AND a biz coach all mixed in one.

What's in Brand Yo'self-04.png

You get to learn at your pace! You get life-time access to all the videos from this training. This way, you get to watch my face talk about branding forever, how fun?

What's in Brand Yo'self-05.png

Hell yeah girl! You also get workbook so you can follow along the videos and work through your branding PLUS do all the mindset activities that comes with finding who you are.

What's in Brand Yo'self-06.png

Be part of a small community of boss babes who want to build their brand to. Bounce ideas off each other and get real-time feedback from your peers.

What's in Brand Yo'self-07.png

You also get to ask the pro. Yup! I’ll be holding live Q&A sesh where you’ll get to have a pro designer to ask your questions and review your stuff.


How is this any different from other branding course?

Lola being Weird

Yuuuup… Well first thing first, this is the only way to work on your branding with me (unless you are a private client), so if you want my eyes and expert opinion on your branding this is your only chance to do so.

Secondly, this program is the perfect mix of branding, marketing and a dash (a lot) of mindset. My courses are always a mix of strategy and mindset. Because I can teach you colour theory, but if you don’t truly know and believe that you are this badass CEO, you can brand yourself as such. So this course is build to teach you about mindset and give you all the tools to succeed and attract your ideal clients with ease.

Finally, this is the support system. You know I'm intense, to say the least, and you better be sure that this course is going to be high fucking vibe! You get to work closely with me and have all of my energy poured into your branding.

The program-02.png

So what's the deal with “Brand Yo’Self”? Here's what do you get:

  • 9 x 50 min 1:1 private coaching calls

    Valued at 3,000$

  • Unlimited Voxer support

    valued at 2,000$

  • Worksheets (x 12)

    Valued at 900$

  • Access to all of the course that are available

    valued at 500$

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Testimonial D

For real sis, this is for you if…

  • You are tired of not attracting your ideal clients on the DAILY

  • You are struggling to be seen as a leader in your field

  • You hate looking like every other basic IG babe

  • You are sick of not getting the support that you need to grow

  • You are so ready for you biz to blow up HELLA fast

  • You are so done playing small and are hella ready to grow a vagina

  • You want to have a biz that resemble you and that feels good

  • You know that this is what are were born for

It’s all up to you…

You get to decide when you succeed. You get to decide when your biz is gonna blow. You get to decide when you want to make a huge impact in your market. You get to fucking decide babe.

Fuck what everybody else is doing. All it maters is what you are doing now, today to move your biz forward. It’s all about your journey and what you decide to make of it!

Right now you have a choice. Join the baddest private program out there, learn from a full fledge weirdo on how to get a thriving biz while living your best life, grow your biz hella fast with confidence and never look back or wait and keep doing your same routine. It’s all up to you babe. Are you ready for this change?

I’m so fucking excited to kickstart this badass program and see you blow up your biz faster than you can say supercalifragilisticexpiali-dope-shit!

Only 3 spots are open! Don’t wait up buttercup!