Now, I also fell in love with helping other entrepreneurs shine with their visual identity and I'm applying my same passion for creating uniquely tailored designs for YOU. As a designer and a business owner, I know the struggle of finding THE perfect branding for you and your brand that is going to speak to your dream customers. It's hard to find out where to start and once you're there, it's even harder to create something that you're sure will resonate with your audience. I want to help you with that.

I'm offering branding services for entrepreneurs as well as visual identity consultation. What it means is even if you already have a branding or not, I can help you understand the different visual aspects of your business and create any missing items to ensure that you reach the right audience with the right message.

My organic approach allows me the really understand you and your needs. Every package, every piece of work made for you is specifically crafted with your brand in mind. We determine together what are your needs on short and long terms before we start any work so we make sure that we are on the same page. Working with me means being sure that you get a creative mind to help you that truly understands you and your brand.

So if you're interested in our design services, click here to see what we can do for you!

Keep your uniqueness,


First of all, hi! I'm Lola and I'm the person behind all this.  Lola Design Studio was created in 2017 with the desire to create illustrations just for you that you could wear. I always had ideas about what kind of graphic I wanted on a tee, but I could never find it online. So I took matters into my own hands and that when Lola Design Studio was born. Later on, this love for graphic design evolved in a more complex company that now also helps entrepreneurs by creating uniquely tailored visuals for their brand.

I'm a product designer who always had a love for t-shirts. I don't know what kept bringing me back to them, but as long as I can remember, for unknown reasons, I wanted to make t-shirts. Glamourous life right?! I know, I've always had big dreams. So when I graduated from my bachelor in Product Design I decided that now was the time to live out the super-fly dream of making my own designs for my own t-shirts brand. 

So now that you know where we come from and who I am, you might ask yourself "That all sound great Lola, but what makes your brand different than all the other t-shirt company that we see out there on the world wide web?". First of all, amazing designs. But what makes us really different, is that we want to make shirts and apparel for YOU! We want YOU to send us an email with stuff you would like to see on a piece of clothing. And then we want to see YOU where that shirt and know that you're happy because this was made with YOU in mind. We want to be different and celebrate special ideas!