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“Stop showing your amazing stuff to people who don’t give a sh*t about it.”

  • lola

For real. Stop doing the same mistake that everyone is doing out there. Your products are amazing and you should put it in front of the right people!

Tell me if I’m right:

  • You want to help every person out there with your gifts aka your area of genius

  • You create amazing products to help them

  • You put them out there thinking that they are going to go crazy about it

  • You post on Facebook groups

  • You post on Instagram about it

  • You just want anyone to buy it at this point

  • You are still hearing crickets

Now, let me get real for a second.

You are not prepared enough.

There, I’ve said it. Do you think NASA just puts a rocket together and then hopes it gets into space? Nah babe. They do the maths. They do their research. They go through training. THEY ARE PREPARED! And so should you.

Okay, you might not be riding within a flying can that’s travelling at 5 miles per second into oblivion BUT you are still creating a product that deserves a minimum of tough love and prep.

I’m here to tell you how to test your amazing sh*t so you can help your people and make that moolah!

  • Because I see so many amazing entrepreneurs pouring their hearts into a product without proof checking it. I know how intense the process is and how quickly you can get sucked in and forget your basics.

  • I know that creating something is time-consuming and hella frustrating when you realize that nobody is buying.

  • Because knowing that you are on the right track is also going to boost your confidence, you beautiful queen.

So imagine this for a second…

You start working on your amazing biz, grab your computer and start creating your next awesome product. It is all that your people are looking for right not. Not only is this revolutionary product is going to help them, but it’s also going to change their freaking life! The best part? You know how your people are going to react before launching. You already know what to say to them to make them realize that you are the right person for them. You are creating this thing with ease because you know who you are creating it for like if they were your BFFs. And when it’s time to launch, your ideal clients are stoked for this and ready to buy!

How does that sound? No, it’s not a Disney version of the life of an entrepreneur. This could be the real deal for you if you’d prep for your people.

Okay, so how do you prepare?

  1. Study your peeps

    First thing first, know who you are creating for? Is it your mom? Your sister? Your dog? All of those living creatures have different needs, dreams, hopes and problems. Obviously, you’ll need to make sure that you know who you are creating for in order to put the best product you can out there.

  2. create a persona

    Now that you know who you are creating for, you need to get a way to test out your content on them without having to launch a new version every 2 weeks. The best way is to create a persona. Some people call it an avatar, but I call it persona. What it is? Well, it’s a virtual representation of your average ideal client. Well, it’s way more complex than that but let’s keep it simple for now.

  3. test out the scenarios

    Now that you have your persona(s) you can use them to test out scenarios in which they are going to interact with your product in different circumstances. There are many ways to go about this.

  4. create content

    Now that you know who you are addressing and how they react to different situations, it’s time to create content that is going to make them shiver with excitement, or at least get really excited because they found you and they know you can help them out.

Once you go through all of this, you know that whatever you create it’s going to be made for a special audience and that they are going to feel that little extra something and they are going to want more from you because you get them.

That’s the ultimate trick.

People want to feel like you know them, live you’ve created this new awesome product with them in mind. They don’t want your sleazy, quickly slapped together, generic course (I know it’s still awesome but trying to market to everyone is like trying to market to no one) they want that course that you poured your heart into just for them.

And that’s where I introduce “DIY persona - The Course”

Membervault Persona Course - Lola Design Studio

I’m legit so excited to get this mini-course out to you all! I’ve been working with personas for years now and I saw how they could bring clarity to your business and connect you with your ideal clients with ease! And that’s why I’ve created this course!

In here I cover all the steps on how to prep for your people. Even if your product is already made and uploaded, this mini-course is going to help you to align your presentation and anticipate who your ideal clients are going to react to it!

And if you haven’t started on your product yet, you are in the right place! Here what’s in there:

DIY persona : the course - Introduction - Lola Design Studio

Module 1: Introduction

What is a persona?

In this lesson, you’ll find out what is a persona and it’s purpose. It’s important when starting to use a new tool to know what it is exactly so you can use it to its full potential.

When should you make a persona?

After learning what is a persona, you’ll be able to learn when you need to create one to maximize the benefits of this tool. It’s one thing to know what it is and how to create one but if you don’t know when to use it, you’re not going to unleash its power!

DIY persona : the course - Preparation - Lola Design Studio

Module 2: Preparation

Because yes, like every new tool, you have to prepare a bit before you jump into it! The fun part? It’s here that you’ll learn ALL you need to know about your audience and your ideal clients. It’s in this module that we are going to uncover all the different techniques used in design to collect information on our target clientele. There are many ways to go about this but I’ve selected to most efficient techniques for you so you don’t have to research it all for hours!

DIY persona : the course - Creation - Lola Design Studio

Module 3: Creating your persona

Yes! This is the module where you’ll learn all the steps to create your persona.

The basics

The traditional information that you need to consider when creating your personas.

The specifics

Then we get into the specifics! We uncover more information to get to know your ideal client as if they were your BFF!

The In-Depth

In this last section, well cover how to make sure that your products are tailor-made for your ideal clients as well and creating a model for you to create content that is going to resonate with your ideal clients!

DIY persona : the course - Utilization - Lola Design Studio

Module 4: Utilization of your persona

Because it’s all good that from this point forth you can create your own persona whenever you need it but knowing how to use it is actually the key to this entire operation. In this ultimate module, you’ll learn the tips and trick on how to use it all. What to do with your persona? Where should you use this precious information? What does it mean? Don’t worry, this last module is going to answer all of your questions.

DIY persona : the course - Workbook - Lola Design Studio

The workbook

Because how are you going to remember all of it if you don’t have the matching workbook to go with the course?

In this document, you’ll be able to follow along with the course fill it with all the information you need to create your perfect persona! The best part of this digital product is that you get to re-use it again and again, every time that you are creating a new persona!

You’ll have a corresponding section to every module and every lesson so nothing is left behind.

The “DIY persona - The course” value


4 modules of the course — 97$

1 workbook — 47$

1 content creation cheat sheet — 27$

1:1 consulting (45 min) - 97$

total — 268$


that’s 64% off!

Are you ready to resonate with your ideal clients?

When you buy the “DIY persona - The Course” you get full access instantly to it. No wait, to code, to extra shenanigans, just pure knowledge.

Oh and by the way…

Hi, I’m Lola!


I’m the creator of this course!

I’m a branding and product designer who dropped everything after my bachelor in design to help entrepreneurs online to fulfill their destiny and create their dream jobs!

I was always the one helping all of my colleagues at school before finishing my own work and I guess that followed me to my work life.

Yes, I could’ve gone the traditional way and work in an office like almost every designer but something didn’t feel right for me…

I had to make a difference and change peoples lives.

The true story is that I was always an entrepreneur in my soul. I always had to be behind the curtain in every project that I took part of. And now, I get to be behind the scenes with all my amazing clients and helping them shine online.

So why am I preaching about personas?

Well, I’ve learned about those during my first year of my bachelor in product design. I was forced to learn how to create them and how to use them to their full potential. I won’t lie, the learning curve wasn’t all unicorns and bubble gum. I’ve got judged harshly every step of the way but you know, that’s uni apparently. But in the end, I saw how amazing personas were and was blown away when I realize than apart from product designers and marketer, not a lot of people use them. (And even between marketer and designer we use it differently, like waaaaay differently.) Even more when working on my business, I saw how going back to my product design roots and using personas was making an amazing impact on my reach towards my ideal clients!

That’s why personas get you the clients.

Not only did I experience the clarity that making a persona would bring to my biz but I also saw my engagement increase! They are truly a hidden but golden tool.

So I’m here to give you that ultimate knowledge!

In the end, to more niched and aligned your products and content are, the more your ideal clients feel understood and taken care of, the more they are going to want to know you (and your stuff), the more people you are going to help, the more lives you are going to change and the more clients you are going to get. Thanks, personas.

I won’t keep talking about this amazing tool any longer. If you want to get your “DIY persona - The Course” today, for 64% off with instant access…