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You’ve made it! Welcome to the ressources page! In here you can see all the products and freebies that I’ve created. Go ahead, don’t be shy and have a look around. I’m coming up with new material every couple of weeks so make sure to subscribe to my mailing list to know when the next goodie drops. If you have questions about the products, don’t hesitate to reach out!



DIY persona : the course - Lola Design Studio

DIY Persona - The course - getting to know your ideal clients

People want to feel like you know them, like you’ve created this new awesome product with them in mind. They don’t want your sleazy, quickly slapped together, generic course (I know it’s still an awesome product but trying to market it to everyone is like trying to market it to no one) they want that course that you poured your heart into just for them.

MemberVault - DIY Mood Board - The course

DIY Mood Board - The Course - How to showcase your high vibe

This is the course that’s going to help you to showcase your high vibe online without paying thousands of dollars for a branding kit! Can you believe that? A designer that is telling you NOT to hire a designer! I know how hard it can be when starting a business to know how to show up online and attract your ideal clients. If you know your vibe but can’t figure out how to communicate it, this is the course for you.


Free 3-Day Persona Training

freebie - 3-day persona training - finding your ideal clients

Do you truly know who your ideal clients are? I mean like to a T? Because this is a key feature when working on your offers and marketing existing products. You NEED to have a deeper understanding of your audience, what they need and how they like to consume it. Luckily for you, I’ve created a 3-day training to introduce you to personas, a powerful tool used by designers to zero onto their tribe.

Mood Board Checklist.png

Freebie - DIY mood board - a checklist to craft your own mood board

Have you heard the good news? Mood boards are in this season! Also it’s an amazing tool used by designers everywhere that allows you not only to get clarity on your brand but to create content that’s aligned with your core identity! Amazing right? Well, now is your chance to know every steps you need to take in order to get an amazing mood board that perfectly represents the identity of your business.

Let's talk about fonts baby.png

Freebie - Let’s talk about fonts baby

A nifty little guide to help you in your fonts selection. Because we all know the choices are almost infinite which makes the task a bit harder. Also since we want you to have consistency in your branding I’ve put together this tool to make sure that the fonts that you are using are the right ones for your brand. With this, it will be easier to select which typeface to use on your website and much more.

The Ultimate Branding Checklist.png

Freebie - The ultimate branding checklist

Branding is a complex matter but not everyone can hire a designer to help them along the journey. That’s why I’ve created this guide to help non-designers to make sure that they weren’t skipping step during their process. DIY or not, knowing where you are going is part of a successful branding. You don’t have to guess all that goes into it or try to low-key study every other entrepreneur online.

5 steps to book your perfect specialist.png

Freebie - 5 steps to book your ideal specialist checklist!

Finding a specialist in this online world is not so hard but finding the right one for your business, that’s a whole other story. That’s why I’ve created this free checklist to give you clarity and perspective on what you should look out for when on the hunt for your next hire. This is great for a new team member or if you’re looking for a coach. We can’t do it all by ourselves but we can surely find someone who’s perfect for those other tasks.