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Aren’t you sick of doing this shit by yourself?

I know your mum and your cat don’t really get what you do out here on the World Wide Web, but I do. I know that getting motivated, every single fucking day BY YOURSELF can be a, let’s say challenge. This is why I’ve created the Hype Club. This voice message service allows you to get a motivational voice message from yours truly every single (week) day. Yup, you get to hear me, pouring all of my ADHD into you and that shit is better than coffee.

You don’t have to do this shit by yourself and you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to get a hype lady, I’m there babe. So who is ready for the motivation train? Too cheesy? You’ll get used to it. So here what goes in there:

  • A motivational voice message from yours truly every single (week) day.

  • Access to a private FB group to find some other hype BFFs.

  • Monthly group hype sesh with me! (Aka get hype with me live)

  • Monthly hype worksheet. (Aka mindset/hype worksheet to do on the daily)

This is a brand new service so I’m offering you a pioneer life-time rate of:




Once this deal ends, the price will be of 66$/month. So make sure to save big and get it now!

Payment options

So excited to get hyped with you!!! Once you’ve payed you’ll be taken to the page where you can enter your email so you can start to receive your voice messages!

Stay weird and stay hyped,

Lola, the weirdo coach xx