What if I told you that being weird was the best thing you could do for your biz?


You've downloaded all of the freebies.

And watched all of the webinars and went on all of the "free" discovery calls that you could put your hands on but still, your business is not making that mad money that everybody is promising. And after all of those free resources, you are as lost as when you started! None of them actually gave you enough info to move your biz forward and all of them were preaching different things. Da fuck am I supposed to do now?

So you turn on Facebook groups.

Oh mama, are you ready for some pitching galore? Every time that you want some advice or support it feels that you've sent out an open invitation to be recruited by all of the MLMs out there and to be pitched by any coaches without actually getting the value that you were looking for. Where the fuck can a sister get some support around here?

You stare at your computer and can't stop but think "I'm on social media all day but why does this feel so lonely?"

You spend hours connecting with awesome ladies but still feel like you're fighting this lonesome battle against everyone and at this point, you don't really know where to turn to get a bit of support! Because your IRL friends and family still don't get what you are doing.

And can we talk about the curse of the web?

You know, having access to too many information to process! Every time you search for new strategies to grow and get clients, you're getting bombarded by a million different techniques... Which one to use? How many to try? For how long? Are these really for me?

Shit doesn't have to be hard.png
Feels hella fucking good-04.png
  • And best of all, you can get a place where every time that you post for advice and help YOU ACTUALLY GET ADVICE AND HELP! Without getting pitched! Oh, and you also get a girl gang that uplifts you, celebrates you and cheers you on. Sign me up!

  • Knowing exactly what to do next with your biz because you have all of the support and guidance you need. No more panicking on what to do next and no more "omg, is that the right thing for me right now or should I be concentrating on something else? But what if there is another technique out there that is better for me? And how the fuck do I implement this new strategy?" Nah, girl, it gets to be straight forward and easy.

  • Feeling good every time you press “post” and having raving fans from your daily content.


Oh hello, babe! I'm Lola and I'm hella fucking weird and so proud of it!

I'm a designer, crazy cat lady (only have the one idiot cat for the moment, but I'm hella impulsive so we never know when Burrito might get a brother or sister...) with a taste for craft beers, a slight travelling addiction and all of the ADHD. Oh yeah, the H is there. That means that my energy level is, let's say, HIGH! But even with my short attention span and my amazing ability to forget EVERYTHING I still managed to organized my entire business from scratch, by myself, well almost.

I'm addicted to learning. I've spent over 20 years in school (damn that's long (that's what she said, okay SORRY I HAD TO)) and when I started my online biz that learning itch had to be scratched. So I decided to invest in business coaching after spending 6 months TRYING to DIY my biz (read here downloading all of the freebies and watching all of the webinars out there), without any results to show for.

I was always obsessed with being different aka weird and turns out that this shit pays off when you are an entrepreneur. Who knew that being an expert at standing out in a crowd and getting the attention of people would be so useful! So I decided to mix it all up with my bachelor in design and develop my own unique technique in branding and visibility that allowed people to be their own freaky self and still attract all of their ideal clients with ease!

Lola the Weirdo Coach with a cat on the shoulders
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But for real...

So here is the thing.

Being an entrepreneur is not an easy task. There is so much to learn and do that it can be so overwhelming so fast. In order to not go (completely) cray you need a support system.

  • You need to have people around you who are there to uplift the fuck out of you and your biz and actually help you.

  • You want that deep connection that allows you to share it all in order to grow and learn hella fast!

  • You want to be able to learn from somebody who's done it before, someone who knows how hard it can be and that it there to help you out.

  • You want a support system that was made for you!

  • You want to evolve and learn in an environment that values all of you and that thrives by you succeeding!

    Girl, you want to make this business happen because you've waited long enough for shit to turn in your favour.

Don’t worry, I got you boo! Here comes…

Weird AF-11.png

This is a 12-week intensive program where you get to learn the exact techniques that I used to brand myself and attract my first 13K contract, and then proceed to keep them as a monthly retainer.

You’ll get my eyes on your business for 3 whole months, guiding you through the marketing world because it gets to be organic and fun to market your beautiful self.

This program is going to teach you how to navigate the online world without getting overwhelmed at every turn and step. I've tried it all and I'm still learning from the best coaches in the industry and this program is your easy access to all of it! You get a professional designer AND a biz coach all mixed in one.

Best of all, this girl gang edition was built to create a safe place where you can be your own damn self and grow with the help of your biz sisters!

This is for you if
  • You're a biz babe who is so done fucking around and is ready to take her business to the next level, to get noticed online by her ideal clients on the DAILY!

  • You're ready to be seen as an authority in your niche by your audience and get requests every single day from people who are dying to work with you, for you or to hire you.

  • You are ready to make more money without going crazy with a million different marketing strategies.

Weird AF is for you if

How is Weird AF different?
Lola being Weird

Yuuuup… Well first thing first, this is the only group program that I'm leading right now, so if you want to work with me in a group setting, this is your only chance to do so.

Secondly, this program is the perfect mix of branding, marketing and business with a dash (a lot) of mindset. Weird AF is the perfect setting to learn all you need to know to brand yourself as the fucking badass that you are while getting the actual practical steps to use it to its full potential. It's great to get your own brand that represents you to a T and that attracts your ideal clients with ease, but it's even better when you learn how to unleash its full potential.

Finally, this is the ultimate girl gang. You know I'm intense, to say the least, and you better be sure that this crew is going to be high fucking vibe! If you are still dreaming to find this perfect group program where people actually participate and uplift each other on the daily, well look no more my friend.

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Testimonial L
Testimonial Monica
testimonial Tess
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So what's the deal with this girl gang? Here's what do you get:

  • 12 weeks of group coaching during which my eyes are going to be on your biz

    Valued at 3000$

  • Worksheets (x 12)

    Valued at 900$

  • A support system to uplift the fuck out of you



  • 2 (confirmed) guest coaches

    valued at 500$

  • 12 live calls where I'll answer all of your questions

    valued at 1000$

  • A surprise goody

Annnnnnd to top it all off, you can add some Voxer support. Normally it's only for private clients but I'm fucking feeling this program that I want to give you to the opportunity to get even more direct access to me!

Testimonial H4C
Testimonial Marianne
Testimonial D
Testimonial D

For real sis, this is for you if…

  • You are tired of not attracting your ideal clients on the DAILY

  • You are struggling to be seen as a leader in your field

  • You hate looking like every other basic IG babe

  • You are sick of not getting the support that you need to grow

  • You are so ready for you biz to blow up HELLA fast

  • You are so done playing small and are hella ready to grow a vagina

  • You want to have a biz that resemble you and that feels good

  • You know that this is what are were born for

It’s all up to you…

You get to decide when you succeed. You get to decide when your biz is gonna blow. You get to decide when you want to make a huge impact in your market. You get to fucking decide babe.

Fuck what everybody else is doing. All it maters is what you are doing now, today to move your biz forward. It’s all about your journey and what you decide to make of it!

Right now you have a choice. Join the baddest group of bitches online, learn from a full fledge weirdo on how to get a thriving biz while living your best life, grow your biz hella fast with confidence and never look back or wait and keep doing your same routine. It’s all up to you babe. Are you ready for this change?

I’m so fucking excited to kickstart this badass program and see you blow up your biz faster than you can say supercalifragilisticexpiali-dope-shit!

The spots are limited! Don’t wait up buttercup!